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Trip to the Netherlands for Kreadoe, a creative fair

entrance KreadoeFrom October 30th to November 3rd 2019 it was again time for the largest consumer creative fair of the Benelux, called ‘KreaDoe’. The fair was held in the city of Utrecht, in the center of the Netherlands. And although I live in Spain, I really wanted to be there this year. KreaDoe celebrated its 30th birthday in 2019!

My first KreaDoe experience

I went to the 2017 edition, which was my very first time. Back then I visited together with my husband (who’s very creative, but in totally different ways than me and totally unrelated to crafting ?). So you can imagine what that experience was like…

If not, picture this: me running from stall* to stall, he waiting in the aisles… waiting, and waiting… all the while ‘training his patience muscle’. While I was feeling rushed, because of letting him wait all the time.

Floor map KreadoeRelaxed fair experience

Well, this year had to be different, so I asked my daughter-in-law, Sanne, to join me. And this time the experience was a LOT more relaxed. We drove from Zutphen to Utrecht by car, stress free, enjoying the ride and the fact that we had some quality time together.

When we arrived in Utrecht we started with a lovely lunch at Restaurant Metro (highly recommended!). After that we walked the short distance to the Jaarbeurs where the KreaDoe fair is always held. Actually, we first had to go to Lush, but after that we went straight to KreaDoe! πŸ˜›

Taking the short way round

Kreadoe hall 9When we entered the fair, we first sat down so that I could plan a route on the KreaDoe floor map. The entrance was in Hall 9, so that’s where we started. I wanted to see the stalls of one of my favorite shops, Hobbycompleet De Duif, and there were a couple of brands that I like in that same hall. Brands as Tombow, Royal Talens and Spectrum Noir.

At the Spectrum Noir stall we met Thea Bouland, a very talented colorist, who was demonstrating with the Spectrum Noir pencils and markers.

dylusions paintThe first thing I bought that day, was while we were heading towards Hall 8. We entered the Scrapheap stall and I had to buy some Dylusions paint. Which I did πŸ˜‰ .

Belated birthday gift

Kreadoe hall 8In hall 8 were just 3 stalls that I wanted to see. First one was BBNC/MUS, where I expected them to have the new Creachick Journal. Sanne had told me that she and my son wanted to give me something for my birthday (which is in September, but we hadn’t seen each other since August).

Creachick JournalWhen I saw the journal, I knew for sure that this would have to be my birthday gift. I am still totally happy that I have it! Well, that was a fairly short visit to the BBNC stall.

Next up were Faber-Castell and Crealies. Faber-Castell had a nice stall with a final day offer of 10% discount on all their products. But I didn’t need anything (at least not immediately… I do want to try the Goldfaber pencils, but they’re not high on my priority list).

The Crealies stall on the other hand made me feel like I entered a candy store! There was so much that I liked! And in the end I left buying for little over € 25,- and getting an additional envelope filled with some lovely stamps and dies for free (value also about € 25,-). The gift was because they had their 25th anniversary. Lucky me πŸ˜€

Third and last hall: no. 7

Kreadoe hall 7In the last hall I wanted to see just a few stalls. Webshop Margo had a stall right at the entrance, so that’s where we went first. I had a lovely chat with the ladies there but I didn’t buy anything. Next stop was Coosa Creatief.

I regularly watch the Facebook live videos of Coosa, where Margreet and Anneke show their techniques. They often use gilding wax and I happen to love gilding wax! (Actually I love everything that’s shiny, shimmering, glittering and has a bling πŸ˜› ) So I wanted to buy some new gilding wax colors and although I found it hard to pick just a few colors (they have so many!), I did manage to make a choice.

Coosa Crafts gilding waxI still had 3 stalls I wanted to see, but my budget was shrinking visibly. So I made the choice to go straight to Carlijn Design, because I knew that I wanted to buy a combination set of stamps and die cuts. Carlijn started her business about a year ago and she is already famous among Dutch stampers and die cutters.

Her clear stamps are fresh, full of humor, with Dutch sentiments. And most sets have an additional matching set of die cuts. For Dutch and Flemish card makers her brand was/is filling a gap, since lots of sentiments are English and not everyone in the Netherlands and Belgium can understand foreign languages.

For me the combination of stamps and die cut sets is perfect. So I bought a set of Christmas stamps and the matching die cuts. Love, love, love it! (And when we left Carlijn, Sanne put a small set of winter stamps she bought for me in my backpack… aaaaah, so sweet β™₯β™₯)

Let’s go home

Masja's ChristmasAfter about three hours of walking across the aisles of KreaDoe, we had seen enough. Sanne had to go to the restroom, and I stumbled upon Masja van den Berg. She’s a Dutch drawing artist that has produced a lot of lovely coloring books, and she was sitting there, near the restroom. So I had to buy her latest coloring book: Masja’s Christmas, and she signed it for me β™₯.

Soaking wet from the rainFinally it was time to leave and return to the car. We had parked the car near the motorway in a P+R garage and taken the bus to get to the center of Utrecht. Now we had to go to find the right bus to return us to the car. But that was easier said than done. Not in the least because it had started to pour!

Sanne came up with the brilliant idea to go back to Restaurant Metro for a warm cup of coffee (another Latte Macchiato for me… aaaah, why don’t they have a good Latte in Spain???). There she would check online where we could find the bus to the garage. Well, in the end we did find it, but not before the rain had us soaking wet!

Wonderful day out

After a great afternoon at the KreaDoe fair, Sanne and I returned safe and sound to Zutphen, where my son was waiting for us to go out for dinner. We enjoyed a very good meal together, had some good laughs and lots to talk about before I would leave them again.

If you’d like to see an impression of our afternoon, here’s a video compilation I’ve made. I hope you’ll like it. I definitely had fun making and editing it! The video is posted on my new Tabby on Tour Vimeo channel.

So if you’d like to see more videos of me going places, do remember to subscribe to that channel as well! (And click the little bell icon, so you’ll get a notification when I upload a new video πŸ˜‰ )

KreaDoe PurchasesAnd before I forget, here’s also a picture of all the things I’ve gained at KreaDoe 2019. πŸ˜€

For now, thank you very much for reading my blog and hope to see you back soon on my website.

Colorful greetz,




* I have struggled how to call the ‘shops’ on the fair: booth, stand, stall? I had to pick one, and when I searched Google, I found several places where they talked about ‘craft fair stalls’, so I chose stall. Now you know why πŸ˜› Please let me know in the comments what you would call it!

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with KreaDoe or any of their participants, nor with any company mentioned above. Also note my Disclosure Promos page!

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