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Sunny Sunday Wendy Kleurt

Wendy Kleurt highlighted on Sunday

Wendy KleurtIt’s Sunday again

Last week I started a new column. But weeks fly by these days, so today it’s time again for a new Sunny Sunday Highlight! This time I’ve chosen for another Dutch colorist. A very talented lady listening to the name of Wendy and in the coloringworld known as ‘Wendy Kleurt’ (meaning ‘Wendy Colors’).

Pretty soon after I started coloring I ran into Wendy’s online presence, her website. She has a very own coloring style and she writes nice reviews of coloring books and coloring materials. And from the moment I entered the Dutch ‘Coloring for Adults’ Facebook group (Kleuren voor Volwassenen), I encoutered her regularly and started to follow her work. Just like with last week’s sunshine, Karin, I’m always astonished about how much Wendy produces. Because beside the coloring and the maintaining of her website and Facebook page, she also makes her own videos and uploads them to YouTube.

Wendy films

Her videos are often flip-throughs of coloring books so you’ll get an idea of what a book is like. And sometimes she spontaneously adds a video of how she colored something, for others to learn from her. By now I’m totally used to the music she usually adds to her videos, ‘Caribbean blue’ by Enya. But every so often she suddenly surprises me with a song by Dutch singer Niels Geusebroek haha. I’d say: follow this coloring talent on YouTube, because my guess is that there will be a lot more videos made by Wendy!

Links to Wendy Kleurt

Wendy has her own website (in Dutch) where you can find all her reviews, news and contact form. Remember to also follow her on Facebook, where she is very active as well. And beside all that she’s also very approachable. When you’ve got questions about coloring, or you’d like to know how she does something, you can just ask her. You’ll receive an answer fairly quick.

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