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Karin's kleurplaten

Karin’s Kleurplaten highlighted on Sunday

Karin's Kleurplaten uit Magical JungleNew column

Today I’m starting a new column on my website. I’ll call it ‘Sunny Sunday Highlight’. My idea is to put a spotlight on a website or page of another coloring colleague, or drawing artist, by writing a short article about them. With this column I’d like to give some attention to the people that inspire me. And to the people I learn, or have learned, from. Hopefully others will find these pages and websites and possibly discover something new. The first website to start with is Karin’s Kleurplaten (which is Dutch, and means ‘Karin’s Colorings’). Even if you don’t understand the Dutch language, it’s worth a visit, if only to see her beautiful coloring work!

Coloring blog since September 2015

Karin’s website was about the first blog on coloring that I found end 2015/early 2016. I had just started coloring for a couple of weeks and wanted to slowly expand my collection of pencils and felt tip pens. Therefore I was looking for reviews. And that led me to Karin. She is one of my examples on how one can grow in coloring. I really like to sort of ‘look over her shoulder’ to learn from her and to try and improve my own coloring work.

She has started her blog in September 2015, so that’s only a year ago. If you see how much she colors you’ll be amazed (at least I am) by her productivity. And with every new one her coloring is getting more beautiful!

Links to Karin’s Kleurplaten

Why not take a look and visit her website, Karin’s Kleurplaten. You can see how she colors and read her reviews on coloring materials and coloring books. (When using Google Chrome you can use the automatic translation option!) I definitely recommend her blog. I’m still a regular visitor there myself. I’ve bought quite a few coloring books in my collection after reading her reviews 🙂

Karin is active on Facebook as well and she regularly organizes giveaways and coloring contest, some of which are in co-operation with publishers and/or drawing artists.


  1. Cool new idea!

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