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Sunny Sunday Highlight Michelle Johnson

Michelle Johnson highlighted on Sunday

Sunny Sunday Highlight Michelle JohnsonMiss Doodled Blooms

It’s been months ago now that I first met Michelle Johnson on Instagram. She drew me to her own first coloring book, Doodled Blooms. That made Michelle the first illustrator outside the Netherlands for whom I colored and wrote a review. And it didn’t stop there.

Because of our common interest in coloring and coloring materials we’ve had contact regularly through social media. And slowly but surely we discovered more things that we’ve got in common.

Who is Michelle Johnson?

Without giving away too much personal information about her (which she definitely wouldn’t appreciate haha), there are a couple of things that I specifically like about Michelle Johnson. She is super creative, she has enormous perseverance and she’s a mother who would do (and does!) anything for her very musical son. Besides, in her own words: she’s a nerd, and the nerd in me agrees haha. Michelle has worked as an English and Spanish teacher on a high school, was a jazz and tap dance instructor and a fitness instructor too. And she has professionally deployed her knowledge and expertise of social media. In short, she’s a very multi talented woman, with plans for a second coloring book.

Michelle is a huge language freak and loves to read. Therefore she’s a regular visitor of the new library in the town of Seguin (Texas, US) where she lives. That same library organizes a Coloring Club, where people are invited to come together to color and relax. And this all happens under the enthusiastic guidance of none other than… Michelle Johnson!

Tombow Dual Brush pens

Fan palm jungle - Doodled Blooms, Michelle JohnsonA funny thing to mention is that I used my, then new, Tombow Dual brush pens to colorize a drawing in Doodled Blooms. This inspired Michelle Johnson so much, that she’s now a fan of the Tombow pens herself. And it resulted in her giving a workshop during last week’s Coloring Club about working with these water-based markers. It’s so wonderful to see how one can inspire others, even though living on different continents.

Even more wonderful it is to see how friendships can be build through social media, because that’s exactly what happened to us: Michelle and I became friends ♥.

Michelle Johnson on the internet

Of course this very versatile lady can be found on social media. Look her up through the links below and meet a lovely, warm-hearted, funny and sometimes crazy and nerdy person 🙂

Doodled Blooms

To buy Michelle’s coloring book you can click the picture or the link below:

Michelle Johnson Doodled BloomsDoodled Blooms

€ 10,23 (prices may vary due to your location)




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  1. Wow! What a wonderful surprise to discover when I finally come up for air after a LONG band season here in Texas! I am so touched and humble to be the focus of one of your Sunday Spotlights, Tabby:) Thank you, my friend – I sound really amazing through your eyes!!

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