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Johanna Ans highlighted on Sunday

Sunny Sunday Highlight Johanna AnsJohanna Ans, coloring centipede

I’m quite the person who can achieve a lot in a little amount of time. But someone among my colorist friends can do a lot more in even less time and her name is Johanna Ans! She designs complete coloring books and subsequently she’ll colorize each and every drawing in it herself. Under the guise of ‘ah well, shouldn’t I need to know what they’re like for colorists?’ And to her it doesn’t matter whether it’s a coloring book with 400 alternative Easter eggs or 40 drawings with woodgrain designs.

Dutch prosperity

She recently launched her latest project, a coloring book with the theme Holland: Typical Dutch. For this project she’s assigned her complete team of Dutch artists and colorists, the Dutchies. I’ve ordered the book, so there will be a review in time. (Just don’t ask me when, since I’ve already got so many books that need to be reviewed!)

Global Doodle Gems

Johanna Ans is very intimately involved in a lot of Global Doodle Gems-projects. Global Doodle Gems is a collaboration of over 120 artists from around the world. Together they create a one of a kind coloring experience through the books they publish. Johanna Ans is one of the artists and has, as far as I can see, a leading part in the whole concept. She works closely with GDG founder Maria Wedel.

The woman ‘Johanna Ans’

When you don’t know her and you encounter her in the online coloring groups, there’s quite a good chance she’ll scare you. She doens’t mince her words, is very straightforward and will say exactly what she thinks. If you’re not used to that, it can be pretty overwhelming haha. Now I’m in the lucky position of being kind of like that and if needs be I can also be fairly blunt. So it didn’t take me long to get used to her way of expressing herself. To me Johanna Ans is just a great person. With very nice drawing skills ๐Ÿ™‚

KreaDoe 2016

The very latest news I Johanna Ans gave me, is that Dutch coloring magazine Kleurglossy unexpectedly invited her. They’ve asked her to join them to the most creative tradefair of the Netherlands, the KreaDoe. This event takes place from 2 to 6 November. Together with a couple of other Global Doodle Gems artists she’ll be in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht for five days. Hence you’ll have the opportonity to meet her and get the chance to see, and buy, Global Doodle gems coloring books. And when you’re there anyway, why not bring all questions you have. About colored pencils (Johanna Ans knows all there is to know about Bruynzeel pencils!), coloring techniques, blending, burnishing or whatever else you’d like to know. Ask Johanna Ans, she really knows a LOT!

Johanna Ans on the internet

Would you like to get to know Johanna Ans better yourself? Then like her Facebookpage, this way you’ll stay up to date of her pursuits. She also writes the blogs for Global Doodle Gems (in English) and she’s a regular visitor of the Dutch Facebook group Kleuren voor Volwassenen (Coloring for Adults). And when you’re in the Netherlands, remember to visit Utrecht next week, for the KreaDoe 2016… and if you’re there, why not pop in at hall 07 / stand D055 to say Hi for me to Johanna Ans ๐Ÿ˜‰

You can purchase the coloring books by Johanna Ans, or coloring books that she has contributed to, at a.o. Bol.com (largest Dutch online shop), Amazon and Bookdepository.


  1. Johannna Ans van den Broek

    Oh my wat een verrassing Tabitha, en wat een LEUKE verrassing! Helemaal top….zit hier helemaal te stralen! Enne iedereen die dit leest, van de tekenaars van het Dutchie team, is ook Peggy Sue Karunding alle dagen aanwezig, behalve donderdag, dan is de tekenaar Inge Boogaers-Kanters bij mij in de kraam…Manuela Bremer van ons kleurteam is woensdag de hele dag aanwezig…. en beslist dat er kans is dat je meer tekenaars van ons Dutchie team gaat tegenkomen, die als bezoeker aanwezig zullen zijn, evenals leden van ons kleurteam!

  2. Dit is zo leuk voor Johanna Ans, en dik verdiend. Hetgeen zij presteert…… wel dat verdient om in de bloemetjes gezet te worden.

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