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Sunny Sunday Evan Brown

The Doodle Dood highlighted on Sunday

Doodle dood 'mandala', that I named Coral reefOnce the Beatles sang ♪ It’s been a loooong, loooong, loooong time ♫… Well, same goes for my Sunny Sunday Highlights hahaha :D. It’s about time to put someone in the spotlight again! And instantly I knew who that someone had to be: the Doodle Dood!

Quite a while ago I came in contact with Evan Brown, A.K.A. the ‘Doodle Dood’. He had found me on Instagram and contacted me to ask if I wanted to color a few pages of his (then) upcoming coloring book ‘The Doodle Dood Organic Coloring Book’. This was November 2017. A short while thereafter the Doodle Dood coloring book was released.

Coloring Doodle Dood’s doodles

Of course I was willing to help him spread the word about his coloring book. So I started coloring. His style is very weird but also very funny. I started with a kind of mandala-like drawing. And when it was finished, it made me think of some kind of futuristic coral. So I named this one ‘Coral Reef’ 🙂 . It’s the one in the left corner. Click on it to see it enlarged.

Battle of the monstersThen I took a more intricate drawing to color. One that I called ‘Battle of the monsters’. I just couldn’t make anything else of it. It looks like a fight between a worm, a green monkey, a kind of strange octopus, a submarine fish, and some unidentifiable creatures 😀

Strange, imaginary worlds

WaterworldThe third one I called ‘Waterworld’. It’s so funny to look at Evan’s drawings and try to think of what you’re looking at. It really makes your fantasy go wild, since there’s so much in there. On his own website he says that he welcomes you to his world where everything is possible. And that’s exactly what it is… In his world you’ll see things you’ve never seen before. Or you’ve seen something like it before, but in a totally different form or shape. Before you know it you’re lost in a discovery tour, wrecking your brain to comprehend what you’re seeing!

Funny creatures

Funny creaturesBe your own kind of beautifulThe last drawing that I colored was one with a bunch of funny creatures. Together they made a complete design, but looking at it I figured that I could cut them out and use them separate on an art journal page. So that’s what I did when I finished coloring them in. And that’s a wonderful option to utilize things you color in coloring books in a totally different way!

The picture on the left showes what my art journal page looked like in the end. It’s called ‘Be your own kind of beautiful’. I’ve made a background and cut out Evan’s doodled figures and glued them to this background. You don’t always need stamps or difficult materials to make a nice art journal page 😉

That’s something we should all take to heart!


To show you the rest of Evan’s Doodle Dood coloring book, I’ve filmed a flip-through. Don’t let the weirdness of his drawings scare you off hahaha 😀 . They’re actually really funny when you take more time to take in what you’re looking at.

Where can you find ‘Doodle Dood’ Evan Brown?

He’s got his own website. And of course he can also be found on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re interested in buying his Doodle Dood Organic Coloring Book, you can find it here on Amazon.

If you visit Evan’s Facebook or Instagram, make sure you say hello for me 😉

Who’s next?

Do you have any ideas or wishes for a Sunny Sunday Highlight? Let me know in the comments below or through the contact form. Who knows, your favorite artist, colorist, art journalist etc. might be up next!

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Thanks again for visiting my website 🙂 .

Note: I’m in no way affiliated with Amazon nor Evan Brown/The Doodle Dood and I’ve bought this coloring book by myself.

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