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Winter in America - Doug Ashdown

New Song Recording: Winter in America – Doug Ashdown

Christmas out, winter in

So, ehm, where was I? Last video I made was right before Christmas 2020… Check… Yup, Christmas has been long gone by now. Even January has already reached it’s last week! I just couldn’t get myself to recording songs or writing blogs these last couple of weeks. My husband and I have been busy with things in our house, little (and not so little) chores around the house that helped distract my mind from the weird world we’re living in nowadays.

To be honest, I must admit that this whole Corona situation is unsettling to me. Wearing face masks, restrictions on when and where you’re allowed to be outside your house, curfew, and risking a fine when one decides to not obey… It makes me feel sad every time I see very young children coming out of schools wearing face masks.

My next ‘Stories that need to be told‘-blog post will be about exactly that topic, because I’ve got some things on my chest that I want to release.

Snow and storms

During the last couple of weeks winter has properly arrived in Spain, and how! With storms and heaps of snow. Although… while we did have storms, we’ve had no snow here in our southern part of the country.

Good for many, but I (after all I’m a gal from the northern parts of Europe), would have really liked to see at least a teeny tiny bit of snow. I did see some, but that was out of reach, far away, high up the mountains. I’d have preferred to have a bit of snow around our house. Just for a day or so.

To be able to walk in it, hearing its crispy sound below my feet, being able to throw a few snowballs at the dog, or at my husband hahaha… But alas, no snow here.

Winter in America

The rest of Spain did have some troubles with the snow and extreme cold for this time of year. Somehow this winter in Spain looked a bit like a Winter in America.

And that’s exactly the song I’ve recorded for you: Winter in America. I love this song, and never tried to play it before, let alone record it. Until today.

What’s it about?

In the video I explain a bit what the song is about. I never knew this, and it might be that you have no idea either. So watch the video for the song and my little story about the meaning of the song.

As always, let me know in the comments what you think of this. Did you know these little song facts?

Till the next Single Song Recording!






PS Up until now I’ve posted my songs on Sundays. From now on I will post them whenever I like, to take off the pressure of needing to post a song every Sunday. You can find all of my Single Song Recordings HERE on my website, as well as on YouTube and Vimeo.

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