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Unprecedented comparison of different types of paper! Watch this and take advantage!

Tabby May Art compares...About a week ago I got a question. Whether I would like to do some kind of comparison. Well, I’m always willing to help someone out, and I actually liked the idea. Not knowing what I would get myself into by the way, since this turned out to be a mammoth task. Not exactly what I intended.

Comparison or employment?

I’ve filmed and edited the comparison, and after that I’ve added subtitles for my English speaking audience. That was a huuuuge amount of work… pfff! Obvioulsy I’ve taken the road less traveled, by adding subs in the most complicated imaginable way hahaha, since I didn’t take the time to find out how it could be done quicker. So I’ve been working on this video for nearly a week. Ah well, it is what it is.

To the point

But what is this all about? What kind of paper did I compare? And how? You know what… watch the video below now, and in that video I’ll tell you all you need to know!

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Any questions left?

Because I haven’t done a video like this before, and neither have I done a lot of comparisons, there is quite a possibility that after seeing this you still have one or more questions. Please do ask them in the comment section below! No questions to ask? Then leave a comment anyway, to let me know what you think of the video, whether you liked it or not!

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The drawings have been colored

And last but not least, you’ll find the finished test sheets that I’ve used for the video, right below this paragraph. All three of them were colorized with a variety of coloring materials, which we colorists call ‘making use of mixed media’. Would you like to color in these books yourself? Underneath the pictures you’ll find a couple of hyperlinks to buy them from the supplier of your choice.

2017-05-21 - Caterpillar books. Let me color that Fantasy - Sandy Wijsbeek - Boekscout   2017-05-21 - Dragon antlers, Dazzling dragons - Laurie Beauchamp - Global Doodle Gems   2017-05-21 - Mosaic, Johanna's 69 - Johanna Ans - Global Doodle Gems

1. Let me color that fantasy – Sandy Wijsbeek:

2. Dazzling dragons – Laurie Beauchamp / GDG:

3. Johanna’s 69 – Johanna Ans / GDG:


  1. Wauw…wat een ontzettend mooie video…veel werk…maar het is het dan ook waard! Ik ben heel erg blij met deze vergelijking… omdat ik nu niet meer alleen zeg dat Amerikaans papier beter is. SUPER ook om te lezen dat het papier van Boekscout zo goed is… kijken wat we daar verder misschien mee zouden kunnen doen! Dank je wel Tabitha voor dit duidelijk vergelijkend warenonderzoek!

  2. Goed om te weten, en wat zit dat filmpje mooi in elkaar!

  3. Dit filmpje is het werk meer dan waar geweest! Voor mij ook niet alleen vergelijking van papier, maar ook een les hoe je pastelpotloden gebruikt.

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