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Faber-Castell Black Edition

Black Edition pencils, butterflies and our love story (part 2)

Faber-Castell Black EditionTwo blog posts ago, at the end of that blog, I started to tell the story of my husband and me, which started way back in the early eighties.

The story continues, but first…

Before I continue our story, I first want to give you a review of some great new colored pencils I’ve bought recently: Faber-Castell Black Edition!

Of course, the brand name will undoubtedly make you expect something good. But these pencils… boy, they are way beyond good! (If you’re not interested in coloring, pencils, reviews etc. you’ve got permission to skip the first part of this blog. In that case I’ll see you a few paragraphs below! 😉 )

About the pencils

On the back of the package it says: “Extra smooth SuperSoft-lead for rich, brilliant colours. Ideal for light, coloured and dark papers”. And I can copy that, the colors are very well pigmented, the leads are creamy and they do color on black paper as well.

Actually these pencils are meant for children. The Faber-Castell website states: “Its triangular shape gives better control and comfort for children’s little fingers”. But not only for children’s fingers, they are very comfortable for adult’s fingers too.

The pencils have no numbers or names, so I decided to give them my own numbers and names. Here’s a short video that I made when I received them, where I show you how I named and numbered every pencil and made the Black Edition pencils color chart (available in my webshop).

Unbreakable lead?

On the Faber-Castell website they say about the Black Edition pencils: “The smooth leads with less breakage and minimum lead flake provide better coverage and create brilliant effects on paper.” Well, there I have to disagree. The cores of two pencils were already broken when they arrived.

When I scanned the QR code on the back of the package, it sent me to another part of their website, where they boldly declare that “the super-soft lead, ( ) is unbreakable thanks to a special bonding process”. As I already mentioned, this is not really the case. I did have breakage, not only those two pencils that already had breakage on arrival, but also while coloring.

But I’ll give Faber-Castell the benefit of the doubt. The breakage I experienced could’ve been due to the terrible packaging of Amazon (only a cardboard envelope, nothing else, which is pretty horrible for sending pencils!).

Using the Black Edition pencils

What I had seen and read about these pencils was so promising, that I couldn’t wait to use them. So I took out one of my never used coloring books, The Ultimate Chalkboard Coloring Book, and looked for something to match the story of my husband and me, which I will continue shortly!

The first picture is a WIP (work in progress), so you’ll get an idea of what the original was in black and white. I took this one with my phone and a daylight lamp above my work, hence the somewhat white haze over the picture.

You give me butterflies

Coloring with the Black Edition pencils is really great. They are very smooth, they blend well, they allow coloring many thin layers, and gosh I do love the bright colors!

Here’s the end result of what I did with these pencils. (I added some accents and highlights with a white and a couple of colored Posca pens.)

Colored with Faber-Castell Black Edition pencilsThe little stars and the drops that I drew, were all done with the pencils, which shows how great they work on dark paper!

Where can you get them?

Faber-Castell Black Edition pencils are available in sets of 12, 24 and 36 colors. I’ve bought the 36 set on the Spanish Amazon, but they are also available on most other Amazon websites. Prices vary, depending on where you are. I’ve paid little under 26 Euro, and I’ve seen them cheaper and more expensive on the other Amazons.

Maybe first check your local art supplies or stationery store, they might also have them. And it’s always best to support your local stores first, to keep them around!

Love story, part 2

schoolfoto met gitaar

Finally we’ve arrived at the part of this blog where I will continue to tell you our story. Check back the first part, to know where we left off…

After being ignored so cruelly, the young boy couldn’t help himself and he kept looking at her, although he thought he didn’t stand a chance with her. Which was true at that time.

But apparently ‘fate’ had other plans and managed to put them together in the same class, summer of 1984. 

In the beginning that didn’t really help. Especially during the music classes, when he and a friend tried to annoy the teacher, he lost valuable ‘points’ with her. She loved the music classes, and he disturbed the lessons that she liked best. (Not good, Maurice, not good… uh-uh ??.)

The messenger

In the meantime she became friends with a girl from another class. A girl, let’s call her ‘K’, that happened to be madly in love with… you guessed it, right? Because he had been a ‘pain in the buttocks’ during the music classes, she didn’t have ANY problem when K asked her if she’d be willing to ‘mediate’ and hand little written notes from K over to him.

After all they were classmates and they saw each other several times a day in the same class rooms. So that’s what she did. She became a messenger between K and the boy, delivering notes from one to the other and back. And K instructed her to report every small detail about him, which she did.

She watched him closely, in fact you could say that she became kind of his ‘shadow’. All to help her friend K, hoping to bring them together.

Unexpected twist

Spring 1985, Madame Tussaud's, London (UK)

Spring 1985 with her beloved Beatles at Madame Tussaud’s, London, carrying a letter from her boyfriend in the inner pocket of her jacket

Little did she know that he was absolutely NOT interested in K, but all the more in herself! He was more than pleased that she came to him with those stupid (sorry, not sorry) notes from K, because that gave him a chance to talk to her. And after a couple of weeks, things started to change…

They started to talk about K and the notes that K wrote. They laughed about it, and he kinda let her know that he wasn’t interested in K. In subtle ways he tried to let her know that he was way more interested in her. And slowly the notes from and to K became notes between the two of them! (Much to the chagrin of K, as you can imagine.)

And the notes became letters. Long, very long, letters. They wrote each other during the night, sitting on their beds, thinking about each other, and writing about their days, their thoughts, the weather, their friends… pages long (one time she wrote 24 A4-size pages full in one night!), but never about how they really felt about each other.

There it was: infatuation

By that time it was already early 1985, and she had fallen for him. Deeply and thoroughly… She couldn’t help herself, she was soooo terribly in love with this young man. He was sweet, kind, funny and he had a way of teasing her without being rude or making fun of her at her expense.

And he was smart. He had knowledge of many things, and he could explain them to her in a way that she could understand and remember it. Things like how not to get seasick when you’re on a boat on the open sea, or how to know how far away a thunderstorm is by counting the time between a bolt of lightning and the thunder.

They just didn’t know they would soon find out that the thunderstorm was way closer than they could have ever imagined. It wasn’t just a thunderstorm, they were about to be hit by a devastating hurricane…

To be continued!




Disclosure: I have no affiliation with Amazon nor Faber-Castell. These colored pencils I’ve bought myself. Also note my Disclosure Promos page!

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