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Flourish – mini coloring book by Johanna Basford

Months ago, I downloaded Johanna Basford’s free, downloadable, mini coloring book PDF called Flourish (which is still available for FREE, so click one of the links to get your own copy!). It contains 14 pages of which 13 with beautiful drawings by Johanna.

In the meantime I’ve colored the front page and a lovely flower wreath from that mini book. So this time no long stories from me, just two colored pages I’d like to show you.

When I was still active on Facebook and Instagram, I have already posted the first one there. It is possible that you recognize that one. The wreath is newly colored.

I hope it’ll inspire you to download Flourish, pick up your pencils, pens, markers, gel pens, paint or any coloring material you have at hand, and start coloring too!

My next blog is a review of a coloring book by Masja van den Berg. I’ve got some amazing coloring work to show you, done by yours truly. Really, I don’t wanna brag, but I’m soooo fricking proud of what I’ve done yesterday and today!

So check back soon for that review (or sign up for my Telegram channel or push notifications and get notified, to never miss anything from my website!).

Flourish - front pageFlower wreathWell, I hope you liked this short little ‘sort of review’. See you on the next one!





PS Even though it’s a very short one, I’ve also made a Tabby Reads version of this post!

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