Tabby May Art’s Color Charts – the complete collection (A4 size Paper Book)

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Would you like to have ALL of my color charts?

Now available: Tabby May Art’s Color Charts, with my complete collection of over 90 uncolored charts, to colorize with your own materials!

This is an absolutely UNIQUE product, and a must-have for every artist!

This is a paper book. Want the eBook? ➛ click here!

What will you get?

  • Obviously you’ll get ALL the color charts (over 100 pages with charts for colored pencil, brush pens, alcohol markers, watercolor paint, ink pads and so much more!) that are available in the Tabby May Art webshop. This way you will save a LOT of money if you want them all. And with the saved money, you will be able to buy new art supplies… 😉
  • You’ll get instructions how to use the charts, including the link to a video in which I show you ‘how to’ for the different kinds of materials. So you won’t have to reinvent the wheel and spend a lot of time figuring out how it all works. I know your time is precious, you want to start coloring, right?
  • This book is printed on 132 pages good quality paper. The paper has been personally picked and tested by me with many different materials.
  • When you order the paper version of the book, you’ve got two choices:
    • Deluxe, where every sheet is pre-punched for binding with 11 binding discs, that are included. You will have to bind the book yourself with the discs though*. (For me the binding discs are ideal. Each page can easily be taken out and put back again when you’re done.)
    • Basic, where you’ll receive the plain book (the printed pages, unpunched, without binding discs). The paper quality however is exactly the same.
  • There are two indexes. One with all charts divided in categories, and one alphabetically per brand. You will receive the book with the charts arranged in categories. With the help of the second index page you can choose to arrange the charts alphabetically per brand. Of course you’re also free to find your own preferred order and make an index page yourself to add to the book.
  • Remember that you can choose if you would rather punch holes yourself, to put the book in your own ring binder, or have it spiral-bound at a copy shop e.g., just check the box when ordering!
  • This book is the perfect way to archive all your art supplies. It will help you keep track of what supplies you’ve already got and the ones you’re still dreaming of.
  • And you’ve finally got just ONE place to keep all your color charts together!
  • Maybe you expect it to simply be a pile of color charts, but it’s a lot more than that. It’s a real book!
  • It was carefully made with YOU in mind, so you will get all the benefits of owning and using it!
  • Although some people gave the advice to make it smaller, I insisted it to be A4 size. So you’ll have enough space on the charts to conveniently swatch all your materials.
  • It is an absolute time saver. Time you can use to make art, to color, paint and craft… instead of searching the internet for a suitable color chart or having to make it yourself!
  • Orders of the paper book will be shipped within 4 working days
  • Every book will be licensed to you personally!
  • The prices are including international (worldwide!) shipping & handling costs!

* To keep parcels as flat as possible for sending with postal services, I’ve chosen to not pre-bind. Another advantage of having to bind yourself, is that YOU get to decide the order of the pages before binding! You’ll also get access to a video where I’ll show you how to easily disc-bind your book 😉



Collection of over 90 color charts for well known, and not so well known, brands of colored pencils, alcohol markers, (watercolor) paints, pastels, inks, pens, etc.. Printed on quality paper. Color in with your own materials and create your unique, personal art supply archive!

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  1. Evelyn (verified owner)

    From Tabby May Art’s I received the beautiful luxurious “Color Chart’s The Complete Collection”.
    Nice paper bounded by red binding discs.
    This works perfect.
    Colour charts for very many different brands.
    For some brands that are not in the book, there are empty charts available, so you can also give these a spot in the book.
    The order of Tabby’s colour layouts, I like very much.
    Nice being busy to give all your materials a spot in the book, so you have an overview about the differences and similarities of your materials.
    She is also very attentive when you have questions.
    So I am happy.

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