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Castle Art Supplies – Premium Colored Pencils / color chart 120 colors

$ 4,43

Castle Art Supplies – Premium Colored Pencils – 120 colors. Uncolored chart, colorize with your own pencils.

*** UPDATED Oct. 19th 2020: color names added ***

NOTE: This chart contains 2 pages: a page with all colors in my preferred order, and a second page with all colors sorted numerically from 1 to 120. Plus all colors have names, not just numbers!


  1. Ruth (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for making your blank charts available. I searched a long time and these are the greatest!


    • Tabby May (verified owner)

      That is so kind of you, Ruth! Thank you!

  2. Janice Cullen (verified owner)

    Hi I love this BUT
    I think the white under the chare is such a waist of space and really wish I could stretch it to give more colouring space to see texture and colour better 🙁

    Hugs Janice

    • Tabby May (verified owner)

      Hi Janice, thanks for your feedback. The charts for colored pencils all have the same row height, which has been a deliberate choice I’ve made considering the amount of different charts I’ve got. A tip: with this specific chart you could also use the white space after the color number. Hope this helps a bit. Thanks anyway for your comment.

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