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Merchandise Shop

Welcome to this portal to my merchandise shop

Before you enter my merchandise shop, I’d like to inform you about how this shop works.


My merchandise shop is a Spreadshirt webshop, which means that your order will be handled, produced and delivered by Spreadshirt, not by Tabby May Art.

Customize designs on products

It’s totally up to you if you want a design on the front side of a shirt or product, or rather on the back, on the left or the right side (if applicable).

By using the ‘customize’ button, the pencil icon, you can change where the design will be printed on the product and you can resize the design. You can also pick your preferred color for the product.


At the bottom of the shop you can change your preferred language (which also defines the currency and where your product will be printed!)


When there are discounts in my shop, I”ll let you know right here on this page and in the shop itself. At the moment there are no discounts in the European shop.

In the USA shop however you can temporarily get a 15% discount on everything, to celebrate the opening of that branch!

To the shop

Ok, let’s not waste any more time. Click the applicable button below (depending on where on the planet you’re ordering from) and hop to my merchandise shop!










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