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For my 51st Birthday in 2019, my husband gave me a DJI gimbal. I love gadgets like this, so the idea was to start filming more while on the road.
Unfortunately we’re not as often going somewhere as we used to, so there hasn’t been a lot to show yet. But the plans for more videos are still there.
If you have ideas or if you’d want me to film something specific (after all I’m living in Southern Spain, between Málaga and Marbella at the Costa del Sol), let me know by means of the contact form

Hobbies, delicious pie and my first time-lapse video

Hobbies and time-lapse video

As you probably could have guessed, if you’ve followed me a little longer, I’m not someone with just one or two hobbies. I’ve got more hobbies than time to spend on them. One of them is editing video material, but you could have guessed that too by now 😛. More hobbies My other hobbies, just in case you’re interested, are: ...

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The Blue Panda and why I peed my pants…

Blue Panda

So, today my husband and I went to the terrace of El Deseo (a Cafeteria/ Heladeria/ Pasteleria in La Cala de Mijas, Málaga, Spain) this afternoon and enjoyed the sunshine, sea view, a cappuccino and cake… When we walked back to the car we were talking and not paying a lot of attention. We stopped at the car, I said ...

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Trip to the Netherlands for Kreadoe, a creative fair


From October 30th to November 3rd 2019 it was again time for the largest consumer creative fair of the Benelux, called ‘KreaDoe’. The fair was held in the city of Utrecht, in the center of the Netherlands. And although I live in Spain, I really wanted to be there this year. KreaDoe celebrated its 30th birthday in 2019! My first ...

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