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Stories that need to be told

Spain, August 2020

Sometimes I think of things that I would really want to talk about, but the question comes up ‘where do I post it?’ now that I’m no longer active on social media. The answer would be ‘on TabbyMayArt.com’. But my website is an art website, for my visual, creative, crafty art and for my musical art.
Then I figured… isn’t telling stories, fictional or factual, not also a form of art?!
Therefore I’ve created this extra blog category, where I will share my stories. And I’ve got many stories to tell. Sad stories, happy stories, funny stories, stories to make you think…
And like with the ‘Tabby reads’ recordings, I’ll record every story and add that to the blog post.
Well, I hope you’ll enjoy reading (and/or listening to) my stories, as much as I enjoy telling them!

Fairy tales in my real life… there’s been more than 1


Real life Fairytale Recently I posted my review of the coloring book Masja’s Fairy Tales. In that blog post I told you about my memories of when I was a little girl and how I have always loved fairy tales. After writing all that, and eventually posting it on my website, I was thinking a bit more about this topic. ...

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How a bag could trigger a memory of 1977

MissEsBags bag

It’s been years since I’ve seen her in real life. But through social media we found each other again and for the last couple of years we’ve stayed in touch, online. The person I’m talking about is someone I share a history with in many ways. A history that started even before she was born. But let me start with ...

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