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Metallic pencils comparison: Derwent v. Marco Raffiné

Metallic pencils

For Christmas 2019 I received the new set of Derwent metallic pencils. It’s a limited edition, but if you look good enough, they’re still available online. There’s also the common set of twelve Derwent new metallic pencils. I say ‘new’, because previously there was a set of twelve Derwent metallics, but those were water-soluble pencils. The new ones are not ...

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Pen 68 Brush by Stabilo… is it a GO or a NO?

Stabilo Pen 68 Brush

A couple of days ago I received a new Amazon order: the new Stabilo Pen 68 Brush pens set of 24 colors. Yesss! I had already ordered a set of 20, but that set didn’t have all the colors. Stabilo has made some strange decisions with composing the sets (although, marketing wise maybe not so strange…). I’ll explain that later ...

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Typical Dutch: yellow marbles, coloring with Derwent

Typical Dutch - Global Doodle Gems - Tabby May Art

Dutch sentiment A while ago, November 2016 to be specific, I bought the then recently released coloring book ‘Typical Dutch’ by Global Doodle Gems. Being Dutch and living abroad you can sometimes get excited about typical Dutch things. Things that weren’t that special while I was still living in the Netherlands. I mean, a windmill… there are so many of ...

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Review – Lyra Art Pens tested

Review Lyra Art Pens

At one point someone in a Dutch coloring for adults Facebook group asked if people had experience with the Lyra Art Pens. You must know I’m quite curious by nature, and when I looked them up on the internet they aroused my interest. With the result that I immediately ordered them. And what a coincidence that Amazon had a special ...

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