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Work in progress

Work in progress… Beauty after messy

Work in progressMaybe you’ve noticed, there have been some changes to the website lately and it’s been a continuous work in progress. It’s been quite a search for the right theme, what do I want, what should it look like… and then finding the time to turn it into reality (mostly done by my better half, who is the technician in the house, for which I’m forever grateful!)

Meanwhile the frame work stands. And that’s not all, in fact there are two websites now: tabbymayart.com en tabbymayart.nl. We’ve divided English and Dutch, because it got too complicated to work with two languages in one website.

The main website is the English one, the .com. I’ve chosen for the .com as the main website, because I’ve got an Instagram account with over 2100 followers. On Instagram I post everything in English and same goes for my Twitter account, which is mainly English orientated. Both social media accounts are displayed on both websites, the English as well as the Dutch. Mostly because I’m not too fond of the idea to maintain two Twitter and Instagram accounts in both languages, beside all the translating of every blogpost and review article I write.  On all the pictures I’ll post the watermark will also remain .com. Of course both websites have a link to the other language. So if you’re curious what a blog looks like in Dutch, you can switch easily to the other ‘side/site’ 🙂

On Facebook things will remain the same, there I’ve posted multilingual from the start. (I even translated my postings in German for a while, but that got so complicated that I’ve decided to quit the German part).  Translating is easy with Facebook, it’s got a translation option built-in.

So it’s no mistake if you still find English stuff on my Dutch website.

Well, that was something I wanted to make clear. We’re working very hard to match both websites, in the meantime I’m busy making videos and reviews (which isn’t an easy job when the temperature in my atelier often rises over 35 degrees Celcius and there’s no aircon there. So unfortunately, there are days that I don’t enter that room, just because it’s way too hot! But I’ll make up for that as soon as the summer fades and the temperature gets back to normal).

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