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Winner winner

Winner winner, chicken dinner…

Just another Saturday. Or not?

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were on our way home. We had done some grocery shopping and we were tired and glad that we were ready to start enjoying the weekend. 

While my husband was driving the car, I sat beside him and was playing with my mobile phone. I saw a notification that a new video from Scrapbooking Made Simple had been uploaded. So I clicked through and started watching the new episode of ‘Saturday with Stacey’.

Sound was on, so my husband was listening in while driving, and we both had to laugh along with Stacey (and gosh does she have a contagious laugh! 😀 ).

Adrenaline rush

At one point she was ready to announce her weekly ‘Winner winner, chicken dinner’. Every week she picks two people from the comments below her YouTube video of the previous week, and they then win some of the crafting supplies that she will be using in that particular video.

And a week later she tells in the new video who have won. Easy peasy, as Stacey would say 😉

Well, we were nearly home. And all of a sudden I heard Stacey say “Tabby”… HUH? Ah well, there are probably more women called Tabby. But right after that she said “Tabby May”… And my husband yelled: “THAT’S YOU!!!” Whahahahaha… 😀 😀

My whole body got fueled with adrenaline, no sign left of being tired, I was instantly sitting on cloud nine!

She really said it, she called my name… I had won. “What have you won?” asked my husband. I had to go to the video of the previous week, I honestly didn’t know hahaha.

And it stayed a surprise what I had actually won, until the day that I received my prize and opened it…

And that’s what the video below will show you!

[ Click and follow Tabby May Art also on Vimeo ]

Where can you find Stacey and SMS?

If you’re not familiar with the free weekly online classes that Stacey provides through her YouTube channel, you’re really missing out. She’s a real inspiration and she knows a lot about all kinds of techniques and crafting materials.

Search ‘Scrapbooking Made Simple‘ on YouTube, or click here. Here’s also the link to video #316 and her website Scrapbooking Made Simple.

If you like this blog and video, remember to share it on social media, and subscribe to my Vimeo channel (I’ve quit using YouTube to show my own videos, thanks to their aggressive advertising rules and regulations).


  1. What a wonderful story and suprise wow!!!

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