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Unboxing of… GoPress & Foil (with video!)

Jingle BellsYesterday it finally happened. My parcel from Paperpads.nl was delivered, containing my newest ‘toy’: the GoPress & Foil machine!

It wasn’t quite easy to actually get the parcel. For three days in a row DHL tried to deliver in the evening, while the business center where our mailbox is, is closed by then. Very clever… not! So instead of Monday (to which I was so very much looking forward to), I only got my hands on it yesterday, Thursday.

Well, not exactly a disaster. I’ve gotten used to waiting at least a week when I order something. So these extra couple of days were not expected, but I overcame them.

Finally testing with GoPress & Foil

But hey, the GoPress & Foil. And what a gorgeous machine! I’ve ordered 24 rolls of foil along with it. And the box with the machine itself also contains another two rolls of foil. So I’ve got enough to get started properly! Of course I had to try something right away last night, and the result of that you can see right on top of this blog on the left.

From glossy photo paper I’ve cut out a circle to make an ‘Artist Trade Coin’. Then I added Distress Oxide ink and buffed it up with Micro Glaze. On top of that I’ve stamped a Christmas tree (which didn’t really stick very well on the Micro Glaze), wrote ‘Jingle Bells’ with a gold-colored marker and with the GoPress & Foil and a die cut I’ve added the Christmas bells on top of the circle. Or should I say ‘I’ve foiled it’?

Haha… that’s exactly the reason that I rather not speak in my videos , because with everything I say I’m constantly wondering whether what I say is correct, am I calling things the right names etc.

So below the unboxing video, without a word spoken 😉 I’ll soon make another video while I’m busy crafting and coloring.

Have fun watching!

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