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Studio Tabby May Art

Studio, guided tour through Tabby May’s workplace

Studio Tabby May Art - picture 13From lumberroom to studio

Today I took some pictures of my coloring room or, to put it nicely, my ‘studio’. It’s a small garret with a guest bed. Up until recently we actually only used it as storage for our moving boxes with books. And for the piles of CDs and DVDs, for which there’s no room in the rest of our (not too big) house.

And then I started coloring. I started out with a couple of Ikea archive boxes. They were permanently stored on the dining table, beside a small pile of coloring books. Soon enough the small pile got higher and my coloring materials no longer fit in the three archive boxes. When I got six more archive boxes, everything was piled up so high, that it obstructed the light coming from the only window in our living room.

Getting it out of the living roomStudio Tabby May Art - picture 2

A better solution was needed. And we found it in the small room upstairs that was used as storage room. All moving boxes were put aside to one wall. Then we brought a spare desk, that was unused in our office, to the room upstairs. We didn’t have a spare chair, so for the time being I took a dining chair. Only problem was that there was no proper light. So at first I had to use a tiny led lamp.

Not long after that hubby took care of the lighting. And last April my daughter delivered my daylight lamp. I had asked her to buy one for me from Lidl in the Netherlands. In the meantime my coloring material and coloring book collections were growing sustainably.

Where am I going to put it?

The guest bed was full with piles of books. Meanwhile there were also small piles of coloring books on the dining table. And my desk in our office was filled with all kinds of stuff related to my coloring as well. Something had to happen, this was all so disorganized. So last week I’ve purchased a bookcase from Ikea. And since we’ve bought new swivel chairs for our office, hubby’s old one was transported upstairs. So finally I don’t have to sit on a wooden chair any longer.

Studio Tabby May Art - picture 10After assembling the bookcase, I’ve collected all my coloring things from the rest of the house and took all of it upstairs. Now everything is organized again. And there’s still room for expansion, haha. I’m totally happy with my own little place upstairs.

Everything is gathered in one room, nicely organized, I can record videos, do my coloring, there’s a portable CD player and all our CDs are in that room, so I can listen to my favorite music while coloring and sometimes I just sit there watching all the things I’ve collected in such a short amount of time.

Just for the writing of reviews and editing videos I need to be in our office, because that’s where my laptop is. May’ll I’ll show you that workplace too… sometime 😉

Pictures of the studio

Would you like to see the pictures I took of my studio? Click here, then you’ll be able to take a peek to see how things have developed over the course of the last couple of months.

What does your workplace look like? Do you have your own designated coloring area? Or are you, just like I did at first, sitting at the kitchen or dining table? I’m curious to know, so your reaction below would be very much appreciated 🙂

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