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Studio Tour

Studio tour. What does my studio look like? (And a little sad story…)

In my last blog I said that I was going to film and give you a studio tour to show you what it looks like and how I store my art supplies. Well, I thought that I would have to clean everything and tidy it all up first (which of course didn’t happen… yet).

But then I saw the latest blog from my friend Michelle, Ms. Have Color Will Travel, in which she shows a video from HER studio. And I gotta tell you, I suddenly realized that my perfectionism was getting the better of me.

Clean or creative?

So I decided to NOT clean and tidy up my studio, and film it exactly the way it is. Just like Michelle did 😉 .That would be a LOT quicker and much more relaxed for me. It would be like getting unexpected visitors. And then deciding you’d like to show them your special room, while at the same time knowing it’s a mess.

You then sort of warn them and say something like “well, sorry for the mess, I hope you will look through it as best you can”. And with that feeling I filmed my studio! Sorry for the mess 😛

The only thing I had left to do was a little bit of editing, to add my personal beginning and end clips, and some background music to the video. The video itself was filmed in one take and is totally unedited, which I find utterly uncomfortable!! Perfectionism is a bitch…

Life sometimes takes a different turn…

And then the unexpected happened. My husband and I had to make a drastic decision about one of our pets. We’ve got three dogs, two miniature Pinschers, Richy (10 years) and Daisy (8 years and 10.5 months) and our ‘stray-that-was-allowed-to-stay’ Scruffy (1 year and 8 months). Our doggies

Added to that pack there’s also a ‘stray-that-was-allowed-to-stay’ cat, called Mercy (2 years and 10 months), who believes to be the surrogate mother of Scruffy.

Well, we were having quite some troubles with little Daisy. And this ended last Thursday sadly enough in having to put her to sleep :'( . I will later write an ‘in memoriam’-blog for our little ‘Daise-a-base’, as we often called her, and add some video and photo material (we’ve got loads!).

But as you can imagine, my mind was not with editing a video, nor writing a blog. My mind was totally preoccupied with the loss of our little doggy and her burial in our garden.

…and then goes on

Well, today is another day. We’re still dealing with processing it all, and for me personally mostly dealing with some physical after effects (mainly migraines and heartburn). But hey, life goes on…

So here it finally is, the video of my tour through my little creative haven, my studio! Like I said, I haven’t cleaned, so I invite you in, but please try to look through the dust 😉

And let me know what you think of it in the comments!

Watch the video here:

Later, when I’ve properly cleaned my studio (which has to be done eventually haha), I will film it again, to show you the difference!

If you have questions about anything I’ve shown in the video, or if you’ve seen things you would like to know more about, please feel free to ask. Send me a message through my Social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or via the contact form on this website. I’m looking forward to it!

Bye for now,

Signature, zwart met dropshadow




PS After rendering I heard myself make at least one stupid linguistic mistake in the video… That’s why I normally edit, to delete things like that 😛 . Let me know if you’ve heard it… 😉

  • Michelle says:

    Tabby, I am so sorry for the loss of your lovie:( It is so hard to lose our four-legged studio companions! I am glad my blog/video inspired you to “just do it,” as it were – no creative space is a space for entertaining, which is what the studio tour video is designed to be! If you are working in it, a studio is designed only for you, and not an observer!
    PS – I am so jealous of all your watercolor pans and alcohol inks!!
    Again, my deepest condolences, my friend; be kind to your heart as it grieves♡

    • Tabby May says:

      Aaaw thank you so much, Michelle <3 Little Daisy is sorely missed. Positive side is that her brother Richy (1 year and 4 months apart in age, from the same parent dogs) is coming to me for cuddles and comfort. We can tell he misses her, he's more cuddly than he was before. So while seeking comfort from me, he's giving it all the same in return without realizing it. That's the beauty of pets.
      And thanks for the reminder that my studio is for me and not for observers. I will remind me of that when I start beating myself up again about it being such a mess 😉

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