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Singalong Sunday – Replay no. 4 and backdrop secrets

Sound gear cabinetWork in progress

It’s about time to post the next FB Live gig, number 4 in the row. At the time of writing, april 29th, I’ve done six FB live gigs already and I’m not about to stop.

In fact, my husband (Maurice) and I are working really hard behind the scenes to improve things. But one step at a time.

The first improvement is that our compressor has arrived. Yeeeeah! Thanks to some very kind donations we’ve received, we were able to order this important peace of sound equipment.

Creativity at its finest

Behind the scenesAs I’ve told you in the previous blog (you can read that one if you click here), we’ve started using a black backdrop. Which is actually a quite hilarious operation, every Sunday again.

For the backdrop I use an Ikea black fitted sheet (I’ve cut off the elastic band), and it hangs on leftover metal tubes from the trampoline we had.

(And because the sheet is not wide enough, I add my black cape to the one side and a black cardigan on the other side. On top of my white desk in the left corner is a black t-shirt, and over the small table where the flowers are is a black skirt, functioning as a table cloth… Well, in my family I’m famous for my creativity, now you know why 🤣🤣🤣).

Waste not, want not

The trampoline was thrown out last year already, but apparently there were two metal tubes still in the garage, which came in very handy when we were thinking of how to put a backdrop behind me.

So, Maurice soldered these tubes together and hung them into some leftover Ikea curtain pole wall brackets (we’re true ‘waste not, want not’-experts 🙈 ).

Last year we bought a beautiful bouquet of artificial flowers for our office (Ikea, again 😀 ), and they fit in perfectly.

Back in Germany in our own mini theater, 2011And for the finishing touch we still had a couple of colored led lights and a fixture from years ago when we still lived in Germany and made a mini theater in our basement.

As you will understand, this whole backdrop scenery has to be pieced together every Sunday. Well, actually I already start on Saturday. Just in case 😉 .

Replay video no. 4, April 12th

Well, that was the story I wanted to share with you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little inside information 🤣…

Now it’s time for the video. Below it I’ll post the song list again, which I forgot in the last blog as I’ve noticed while writing this one. So I will go and add the song list there as well, after finishing this one. (Do I still make ANY sense? Hahahaha… Me and my ADD… Just gotta love my chaotic mind ❤️ ).
And here’s part four in this series of live gigs. Be warned, this was my worst gig. I’ve had eleven songs to learn/rehearse in just one week’s time.
Which was, in hindsight, too much 🤣. And that’s what you’ll experience when seeing this video. Well, at least we did have fun (and me nearly a nervous breakdown 🤣 ). Go and see for yourself!

Song list

  • Before the next teardrop falls – Freddy Fender
  • Nothing else matters – Metallica
  • Living doll – Cliff Richard
  • Is dit alles – Doe Maar
  • Put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone – Jim Reeves
  • Sick note – The Dubliners
  • Crazy little thing – Queen
  • Sound of silence – Simon & Garfunkel
  • Loner in London town – Tabby May
  • Lola – The Kinks
  • Love is all around – The Troggs
  • Duurt te lang – Davina Michelle
  • Faith – George Michael


Donations still very much appreciated

Of course my weekly hour of singing for you is free of charge. I love to sing and play and I love the interaction with you, the audience. You also see that there is much more to it than just grabbing a guitar, turn on the camera and start playing and singing.

So if you appreciate me entertaining you, and you would like to support our efforts to turn the quality of my Singalong Sunday’s up a notch, please be so kind to make a donation (only through PayPal) to: paypal.me/tabbymaysinger (this is on Maurice’s PayPal account).

Next Facebook LIVE

You can experience the first improvements on the sound already on the very next FB Live, Sunday May 3rd!

Location: facebook.com/tabbymayart
Time: 20.00 h. / 8pm Amsterdam NL time
(7pm UK time/ 2pm EST/ 11am PT and for other time zones you’ll just have to do a quick check online).

I’m looking forward to seeing you then and there. And keep those song requests coming!

Signature, zwart met dropshadow

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