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New visuals for Singalong Sunday – Replay #10

New visualsNew visuals

My dear hubby has really been working his ass off last week. Totally focused on my Singalong Sunday he was programming, writing scripts, testing, failing, rewriting, testing again, and finally it paid off.

And that was just for the visuals we wanted to add, to make my hour performance even nicer to watch. Beside the visuals he has also been working really hard to improve the sound quality.

Better sound

That worked out a lot better than last week, but there’s still room for improvement. We’ve done a live test with video as well as audio, which sounded perfectly okay, but… during the actual live stream there was still some delay between the microphones. Very much to Maurice’ frustration!

Hopefully he’ll be able to get rid of that last bit of delay for the next one (and if not, well, too bad. After all my gigs are never about perfection. It’s basically about fun and having a good time!). We’ll see what happens in the upcoming Singalong Sunday live stream!

About the visuals

If you haven’t seen last Sunday’s video yet, you should really go and watch it. We’ve put some nice visuals in it (Maurice was operating the whole system, audio and images) and even some photographs, that came with a nice little story I had to share. Well, go see for yourself!

The blog continues below the video and the song list!

Singalong Sunday replay #10, May 24th

Song list (in alphabetical order, as usual)

  • Angels – Robbie Williams (requested)
  • Avebury – Kellianna
  • Bad moon rising – Creedence Clearwater Revival (requested)
  • Breakfast – K’s Choice
  • Faith – George Michael (requested)
  • Home on Monday – Little River Band
  • I’m gonna be (500 Miles) – The Proclaimers (requested)
  • I’m not so tough – Ilse DeLange (requested)
  • Ivory smile – Handsome Molly (requested)
  • Kiss from a rose – Seal (requested)
  • Nights in white satin – Moody Blues (requested)
  • Rivers of Babylon – Boney M. 
  • Rose garden – Lynn Anderson (requested)
  • Still loving after you – Common Linnets (requested)


Next Singalong Sunday

As the weeks pass, my repertoire grows, Maurice’ skills as operator/director/sound engineer grow, and maybe he’ll feel comfortable enough to show himself again every now and then when we’re having a chat with you guys in the live chat.

At least he’s managed to implement another lovely feature for the video, to make my/our shows a little bit better when watched as a replay.

So hopefully we’ll see you at this week’s Singalong Sunday, on May 31st!

As it has been for the last 10 weeks, there’s a Singalong Sunday every week! Same place, same time, same me 😉 !

Location: facebook.com/tabbymayart
Time: 20.00 h. / 8pm Amsterdam NL time
(7pm UK time/ 2pm EST/ 11am PT and for other time zones you’ll just have to do a quick check online).

See you soon,

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