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Lots of things going on in coloring land

Lots of things going on in ‘coloring land’

Stabilo Carbothello pastel pencilsIt’s been super quiet on my website for way too long. But let me tell you what I’ve been doing in the meantime!

First I began showing my coloring work in a couple of Dutch coloring groups for adults. When I got more familiar with the groups and connected with several people there through Facebook, I also got more and more coloring materials to play and work with. You know how that goes… one person buys a tin of pencils, tells everybody in the group enthusiastically about it, next thing you know it’s on your wish list or worse: in your shopping cart. Before you know it, you become some kind of ‘pencil expert’ and that’s a little bit what happened to me.

Because of my ever expanding pencil stash – not to mention the coloring book stash, or the alcohol marker stash, or the fineliner stash… I know, I’m a hoarder… LOL – I started to become more active in one specific group and responded to questions that were asked about the materials, techniques and anything I thought I had enough experience with.

One day last month (June ’16), there came a request of the group managers for new moderators and reviewers. They asked for certain specific skills and those all applied to me. So I wrote an e-mail and applied for the ‘job’. And before I knew it – things seem to happen fast in ‘coloring land’ – I was a member of the management team of the largest coloring for adults group in the Netherlands. I’m officially a reviewer now of coloring books and coloring materials, and also one of the moderators of the Facebook group that’s part of their brand. Beside that I’m also in the management of two other groups on Facebook, about coloring materials and the coloring books of Johanna Basford.

Let’s face it, I’m nearly full time occupied with anything and everything about coloring. And the best part is…. I’m loving every second of it!

Yesterday I’ve made my first real coloring video, to show a little bit how to work with the Stabilo CarbOthello pastel pencils (that’s like chalk in a pencil). It will be part of a review about the pencils and about the book I used for it, but I’m just so proud of how the video turned out, that I will show it already – it’s also on my Facebook page.

So if you like the video, give it a thumbs up on Youtube, or leave a comment below this article. Or better yet, do both 😉 And since I liked making this video, there will be more of that later on, so you might want to subscribe to my Youtube channel as well.

For now I’m back to my coloring ‘studio’… lots of work to do for two reviews that need to be wrapped up! A new book to review will arrive later today, so I’m off now.

Have a colorful day!


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