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Paper version

First printed test copy of the book!

Book in handsTwo weeks ago I announced my color charts book. And I had no idea how much work I was taking on, hahaha!

My idea was a bit like ‘I’ve got all these charts, I’ll just put them together in a pdf, and voilá, there’s my book!’ But making a book, if you want to do it properly, takes time. A LOT of time! In my previous blog I’ve already mentioned a bit of what has to be done before the book will actually be there. And after two weeks I’m a bit further on the road to the end result.

Today I’ll be able to show you pictures of the very first printed test copy! I’m so excited how it’s turning out 😀

So many new charts

If you’ve been in my webshop lately, you’ve probably noticed that the ‘New’ section is packed with new color charts. And ALL of them will be in the book! Of course nobody expects you to have all of the materials that I’ve made color charts of (lucky one if you do!), but it contains a lot of popular ones.

Not only for colored pencils, but I’ve researched many art supplies. I started of course with my own supplies, because I do have a lot of different materials. I will do a video in the near future of my studio, to show you my art supplies stash (did I really say that? Oh my gosh… I’ll have to tidy it all up!).

I’m the lucky owner of many different types and brands of colored pencils, but also a nice collection of brush pens, and ink pads. Not to mention watercolors, and acrylic paint. Have you seen that meme lately, that states “I have come to the conclusion that buying craft supplies & actually using them are two separate hobbies“? This is sooo me *she admitted slightly ashamed* 😉

Lifting the veil…

Well, as I’ve promised in the previous blog, I will give you a bit more details this time. The color charts book will be a total of 133 pages from cover to cover, so there will be a lot of charts to color! To find the right kind of paper was a bit of a struggle. What paper should I use? I’ve been testing several types of paper, and came to the conclusion that I want quality paper that works with all different supplies and is not too thick. After all, 133 pages must fit in the binding discs!

I’ve found a paper that is smooth, but not too smooth, that goes well with water (if not too wet… but I figured it’s not for making a painting 😉 ), and for the watercolor charts I’ve chosen a slightly thicker paper with the same qualities as I use for the other charts.

Anyhow, if you’ll order the paper book I’m confident that you’ll love it! It’s perfectly bright white paper, so all your colors will come to life wonderfully when you’ve colorized the charts!

Pictures of the first test-copy

And now I’ve got to go back to work… I still have some writing to do for the book, like writing an instruction on how to use it. Below I’ll post a couple of pictures of the test copy that I’ve printed, so you’ll get a better idea what it will look like. Oh, and the test-copy was printed on ordinary copy paper. Just so you know!

Now I will need a couple more days to dot the i’s, and then the pre-order time will start. Exciting!


Test copy
front of the test copy
the binding discs
back of the test copy

color chart
color chart

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