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Coloring for children

Coloring for children or adults? My way of writing reviews!

Coloring for childrenColoring for children

From BBNC I received, on behalf of Coloring for Adults (CfA) the children’s coloring book ‘Frightened little Pete’ to review (click here for the review). So that was Coloring for children… As usual I wrote ‘for which I thank them’, and I definitely don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but there are some things I want to get off my chest.

Let me start by saying that I love coloring. It doesn’t matter with what material, I just plainly love coloring. Period. But what I’ve discoverd in the meantime, after having received and colored three children’s coloring books, is that I definitely don’t like coloring in children’s books. Oh yes, when there’s a child visiting us I will color together with them. And in that case I don’t mind. Then it’s about coloring together, having fun and having a shared experience.

Writing reviews, more than typing a story

But making reviews takes, beside my coloring hobby, with every coloring book quite an amount of work. Lots of hours. Unpaid. In fact, making a review is advertizing a coloring book. One colors a couple of designs from a book, tests several materials in it and then writes a review about it. I take that seriously. I colorize like I’m doing it only for me, as nice and as good as I can. Same goes for the writing, I do that with all of my attention, open and honest. And in my case I usually do that twice.

One review is for CfA, which I then translate into English. Both need to be posted as seperate articles on the CfA website. So that’s another thing I do. Then I rewrite the review to prepare it for my own website. I don’t want to copy a (previously) published review from another website, even though I’ve written it myself. So I write a new text (and fair enough, for my own website I add a bit more personal stuff πŸ˜‰ ). And then that text needs to be translated to English as well.

Coloring for children - Tabby May Art OfficeDouble work

Because I actually (*whisper mode on* sssst, nobody knows *whisper mode off*) have two websites in one, I need to do everything twice for posting the articles. In Dutch and in English. All pictures need to be uploaded on both websites, tags that are necessary for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) need to be translated, there’s more to SEO than just tags and that also needs to be done in Dutch as well as in English. And beside that the text needs to follow certain rules to create a good readability.

Sentences can’t be too long, words not to complicated, a maximum of 150 words per paragraph, subheadings need to be placed between paragraphs and the amount of words following each of the subheadings musn’t exceed the recommended maximum of 300 words.

One review, one working day

Coloring for children - Tabby May Art OfficeAnd then it’s also nice for visitors if they can view the inside of a book. So I film every book I receive, and edit it twice. One edit for CfA and one edit for Tabby May Art (TMA). That is time consuming. Not the filming in itself, since that hardly takes anymore time than the time that it takes to watch the final video. But the editing, finding free royalty free music, preferably different for both websites, and finally the uploading to YouTube (2x – one to CfA and one to TMA) and Vimeo (only for TMA).

All in all it takes about 8 to 10 hours, roughly estimated, that I’m working on photo editing, video editing, writing, translating and posting it all on the websites, for just one single review. And that’s apart from coloring the 3 to 4 drawings per review! And in exchange for that I receive a free review copy of the coloring book from the client, often the publisher or author.

Don’t get me wrong, I love doing it, with all my heart and passion. I do enjoy the diversity of coloring books and coloring sheets that I therefore get in my hand and I’m grateful that I get a great collection of coloring books this way. Besides I’m a computer nerd, I like to ‘play’ with the possibilities the pc offers me. Editing pictures, editing video, writing texts. And particularly that I’m able to help other people with their choices for books and materials, getting to know new coloring books, drawing artists and the many kinds of drawing and coloring materials on the market these days. One well written honest review can make the difference whether someone buys a book or coloring material (or brand) or not!

Adults are my target audience

But above all I want to focus on coloring for adults… not coloring for children! And when I need to spend the same amount of time and energy for the coloring and writing of an honest review for a children’s book, I honestly think that’s a waste of my time, energy and materials. Coloring for children is not what I want to do. Children are not my target audience.

My target audience is that coloring adult (m/f) who wants to know what a book looks like, who is looking for designs suitable for adults, who wants to know whether the paper is nice, what materials are good to use in it, whether pens bleed through or not. Who wants to learn how to blend, to work with paper stumps and what pencil sharpener is best to use. Who wants to see how I do it, what designs I like to color and with what materials I work. For those people I make all this effort, to share my passion for coloring with them.

Want to see the pictures enlarged?

Would you like to take a closer look at my desk? Click here, I’ve added them to my ‘Studio’-album.

If you’ve made it this far I want to thank you very much for reading!
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  1. Johanna Ans van den Broek

    Het ondergewaardeerde kindje…het maken van een blog / review.. wat er aan vooraf gaat…het kleurwerk….. de tekst die staat er zo…maar dan komt het inderdaad…. gelukkig ligt daar net zo goed een passie…

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