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Brushmarker Test sheet

Brushmarkers, now you see ’em, now you don’t

Brushmarkers cut outStraight to the Brushmarkers

Yesterday we went into town. Just very short, only to go to the post office and the stationers. Though my favorite stationer… which is always a ‘dangerous’ thing hahaha. Specially when you know they’ve got Brushmarkers!

Earlier this week I had already been there. That time they suddenly had a couple of new packages with Promarkers. Recently I already bought a couple of those from someone. Ninety-nine markers to be precise, including a couple of blenders. They just still happen to be at my daughter’s. She’ll send the package soon, but she needed to add something to it, whatever. And now there they were. Right in front of me, a couple of Promarker sets.

The beauty of it was that beside them there were also sets of Brushmarkers! Quite the same as Promarker but with a different nib, a brush. I took a set to try, and made sure I didn’t take the one with the huge price chart stuck to it. Funny thing was that I also bought a white Uni Posca marker. And a package of paper. And still I had to pay even less than the amount that was written on that price chart for the Brushmarkers.

Sorry, mistake

We walked out the door and right behind us the door of the shop was locked. It was siesta time, they are closed in the afternoon. I took my receipt and looked in the bag. Damn, mistakenly I took the Promarkers instead of the Brushmarkers! Hadn’t paid attention enough. And the receipt wasn’t any good either, it was just the receipt for the electronic payment. I didn’t get a specified receipt, with what I had just bought, and they already closed the shop.

In short, I didn’t have what I wanted. My hubby said that I would have to go back later this week to get a set of Brushmarkers after all.

Another try, where are the Brushmarkers?!

And there we were again, a couple of days later. I just came in quickly to get me a set of Brushmarkers. So while hubby stayed upstairs with the stationery, I rushed downstairs to the hobby department. There they were, calling out ‘Take us! Take us!’, plain irresistible. So I decided to save them all: the starter set of 12+blender, the pastel tones of 6+blender and the complete set of 12 greys+blender. Hoppa, under the guise of ‘one can never have enough’.

Completely happy I went upstairs again. “Honey, it’s a tiny bit more than one package…”, but my honey is quite easygoing, as long as he can get out of that warm store quickly haha.

Brushmarkers test sheetGet to work

Back home I started coloring, in between cooking and doing the dishes. The result is quite satisfying in my opinion.

Let me know in the replies what you think of my coloring 😉

The drawing artist is Tina Golden of DoodleTimesDesigns

Tabby May Art © 2016

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  1. “Het pakje komt eraan, maar er moest nog iets bij in en dat had ze nog niet, of zoiets.”

    Vooral dat of zoiets hahaha. Klinkt wel heel interessant, Brushmarkers. Je testkleurplaat is er in ieder geval erg mooi mee geworden!

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