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Bingo for creative people… resulted in loads of pink

face drawingBINGO!

One of my favorite hobbyshops in the Netherlands has a monthly bingo on Facebook. And I liked the idea so much that I decided to participate.

It’s actually pretty simple: at the start of the month they post a ‘bingo card’ with nine different subjects. It looks like the picture on the right, but then with text in it.

bingo cardNext you’ve got to make a choice between horizontal, vertical or diagonal. And that choice defines what you’ll have to do. Well, it sounds more complicated than it actually is, but I don’t know how to explain it better, without ‘stealing’ a picture from their FB page 😉

Anyway, I’ve chosen the diagonal from the left top corner to the right bottom corner. My bingo assignment was then: pink, spatters, mixed media. That was encouraging enough, I could handle that!

In my art journal I’ve made a start for a background, because I cleaned my brayer from some paint on an empty spread. On top of that I glued a piece of paper, which had a pattern that would only show after painting on top of it with watercolor. I used Kuretake watercolor to reveal the pattern. After that I was left kind of uninspired. I had no idea what to do with this background basis.

From nothing to something

Until this bingo came up. All of a sudden I got ideas just to finish this one particular spread that was waiting to be filled with creativity. So last night I took the time to get on with it. I started with a tag that I bought last year at Selfridges in London. I used a couple of pink paper scraps with white polka dots. On top of that I glued a couple of die cut pictures from one of the die cut blocks by Art by Marlene. I’ve used a glue pen from Dutch Doobadoo. And I almost forgot, but I’ve also used a couple of pieces washi tape on the tag! (Just remembered when I saw it while editing the pictures haha.)

With a white Sharpie paint marker (waterbased), a black Uni-Ball UB 157 fineliner and a red Derwent Coloursoft pencil I’ve drawn a couple of extra spirals. I’ve also stamped some drops with a clear stamp from Craft Emotions and Versafine Onyx Black ink. And on top of that I’ve added a pattern with Versafine Crimson Red ink and a Studio Light foam stamp. I’ve finished the tag by adding a few lines with a purple Coloursoft pencil.

Adding die cut pics and draw a little

FlamingoWhen the tag was done I’ve taken y Amsterdam acrylic paint and started on the spread itself. Instead of a brush I’ve used an old plastic card, and spread small dots of paint over the pages. I’ve used a soft pink, a neon pink and a bit red and white. When that was all dry again I’ve glued the tag onto the right page.

Then I’ve taken a flamingo from an Art by Marlene die cut block, as well as a funny ‘wig’. I glued both of them onto the spread. Below the wig I’ve drawn a face. For me drawing faces isn’t very easy. Eyes seem to usually look kind of weird and mouths always seem to descend from the Zulu… if you know what I mean. But this time I actually managed to conjure a fairly normal face from my pen. Whoopwhoop, I might be getting somewhere with my drawing skills!

After drawing the face I’ve drawn the outlines of all the glued pictures with a black Stabilo All pencil, and used a water brush to work it.

Stamp and spatters for the finishing touch

RoseWith just a tag, a flamingo and a small face with funny hair I still thought the spread was rather dull. So I took a flower stamp from the Studio Light Signature Collection of Art by Marlene and stamped it on the page quite bombastically. And even after that I still felt it was missing something, so I’ve colored the flower here and there with a pink Posca and white Sharpie. That made them stand out a little more. Then I’ve added two text stickers on the tag and scribbled a bit with a black fineliner and white Sharpie.

For the finishing touch I’ve spattered diluted light blue, white and red acrylic paint on the whole spread. Because after all, that was part of my bingo assignment: spatters. Well, there are loads of them! I consider my bingo mission with pink, spatters and mixed media accomplished!


Would you like to see some larger pictures of this project? Then click here to go to the photo album. There you’ll also find the whole spread!

DISCLAIMER: This article was written by myself and all mentioned materials were bought and paid for by me. There’s no sponsoring in any way, shape or form involved.

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