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binding discs

Binding discs… and why you might need them too

One set of binding discsNot so long ago I had no idea what binding discs are, nor that I would want to use them. But then I saw a tool from We R Memory Keepers: a planner punch board. I was just curious what it was, so I searched on YouTube and found an interesting video.

It was about punching different kinds of holes to use binding discs for all kinds of planners. Before I knew it, I had the ‘Planner Punch Bundle’ on my wish list 🙂 . And there it stayed.

Because it’s not the cheapest of products, and there were always more interesting (and cheaper, thus more products for that amount of money!) things to buy. But it was there, in the back of my mind.

Mushrooms and discs

One day my husband asked how we could easily bind some documents he had printed. And with the attitude of the ‘know-it-all’ I said ‘oh, you could use binding discs’… He was like “what??”

So I told him what I had learned: those are small round discs with a rim, and when you punch a mushroom shape hole in the paper, the disc will hold the paper. Assemble a couple of discs to paper with a same amount of those mushroom punches and you’ve got a sort of ‘booklet’.

Not much time after that, the idea came up to put all my color charts together in a collection book. At first I just thought digital, but then slowly the idea of a printed book, a paper version, came up as well. And thus the question of ‘how to bind it?’.

Aaaah… suddenly I knew: binding discs! In my mind I saw all the advantages of binding discs in contrast to spiral binding, or punching holes for 4 hole binders.

Following fashion

Binding discs in bulkA color chart needs to be easily taken out to use, either to colorize or to compare colors or pick colors for a project. With binding discs instead of a binder it will take less room to store! Beside all of that… binding discs are fashion these days 😛

You see them everywhere, for example in planners and as a way to archive paperwork. Well, I’ve never followed fashion, at least not with my style of cloths, but in this case I gladly follow the trend of using binding discs to bind my book.

So today my bulk of discs has arrived from the USA. I wanted coconut white ones, like the very first set I had ordered to test the size. But unfortunately the wholesale ran out of coconut white. So the discs are now strawberry red, and to be honest, that looks really nice.

Typically Spanish

22 sets of binding discsI went to the tiny Spanish post office of our town, to collect the parcel and pay for customs and VAT. First I had to wait half an hour before it was my turn. And when I finally made it to the counter, they didn’t accept card payments. So I was sent away to go to an ATM to get cash.

When I got back, less than 5 minutes later, I had again ten people ahead of me, which cost me another half hour before it was my turn. Olé España… But I’m not complaining. I’ve got my binding discs 😀 .

Back home I took a bunch of black satin pouches, that I still had from a webshop that I’ve run years ago, and divided the discs in sets of 11 pieces.

Time flies, still lots to do

ARC PunchThe first orders have been received, so now I will film the promised video on how to assemble the binding discs and the punched pack of paper to a color chart book. I also have a lot of printing work to do, and also a lot of holes to punch!

Every paper book that’s ordered in the ‘Deluxe’ version, will receive a satin pouch with eleven discs. And I’ll add another little something to it, which will stay a surprise 😉 More details about the printed paper book can be found in the webshop.

Remember… the 30% discount for both eBook as well as the paper version of the book will end at the end of Dec. 1st. I don’t mean to rush or push you, but if you want this Color Chart Book for the lowest price possible, including shipping costs, you better buy it NOW!

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