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Artificially multi colored

Artificially multi colored

As promised in the last blog, here’s a(n) (artificially) colorful post. Better late than never, right? 😛

Last month, May 10th, we went out for a pizza in our favorite restaurant of Fuengirola (Costa del Sol, Spain). [If you ever happen to visit Fuengirola, you really, absolutely must visit ‘Casa de la Pizza’ on the Paseo Marítimo, near the Stella Maris hotel. They’ve got the best pizzas EVER.]


In restaurants on the Costa del Sol it’s very common to have African ‘looky looky’ men come at your table side, to try and sell their stuff. Besides them, there are also Indian rose sellers. And every so often we buy a couple of roses, but obviously not always.

A couple of weeks previous, a regular rose seller came to our table and I would’ve wanted to buy one or two roses, but we didn’t have any cash on us. So I promised him to buy some next time. And this particular day was exactly that: the next time we did see him.

He apparently had forgotten, friendly nodded towards us from a distance, as he walked away and didn’t approach us. But I remembered! And I saw the roses he had…

Artificially colored

I was just struck by the wonderful color combinations in these flowers, that were obviously artificially colored. They were just irresistible! So I called him: “Hey! Amigo!”… He turned around and looked at me, question marks all over his face. I waved at him to come to our table. Then I told him: “We had an agreement last time. I’d like one of your roses”, while waving with a 5 euro note. He then smiled and gave me three roses. I handed him the money and he left, smiling. But I was smiling too and felt so happy with these beautifully colored roses.

Backup Japanese*

Since we had just begun our starters, I thought they would need water. And one of the waiters had the exact same idea. So before I could even ask, he came over with a bottle that was 1/3 filled with water, and he put the stalks in the bottle. But then I just couldn’t eat! I had to take pictures. *(As long as I can remember, I take pictures of everything. Got my first camera when I was ten and ever since I’ve been called a ‘backup Japanese’, or ‘reserve-Japanner’ in Dutch, because the Japanese are known for always and everywhere taking loads of pictures). While I was photographing another waiter came at our table and said that it was all so romantic with the flowers, but he missed something. He took off, and a little later he returned… with a burning candle 😀 .

After that the manager also came to us, asking what the occasion was. Well, er… no occasion. He suggested we’d order champagne, which we politely declined… hahaha.

Gorgeous, but rapidly dying

Sadly my beautifully, artificially colored roses only lasted a few days (as in only one and a half days…), but that’s pretty normal here in Spain, and to be more specific: in the house we live in. It’s a relatively dark house, not much daylight coming in through the only window we’ve got in the living room. So plants and flowers never last long here by the absence of light (therefore our house is filled with fake plants and flowers from Ikea 😉 ).

The next day I took some more pictures in the sunlight, but the petals already started withering. So, enough said. Here are the photographs I took that wanted to show you… enjoy!

Pictures taken in the restaurant:

10 - artificially multi colored roses

05 - artificially multi colored roses

06 - artificially multi colored roses

07 - artificially multi colored roses

08 - artificially multi colored roses

09 - artificially multi colored roses

03 - artificially multi colored roses


Pictures taken the next day, in the sunlight:

11 - artificially multi colored roses

12 - artificially multi colored roses

13 - artificially multi colored roses

14 - artificially multi colored roses

15 - artificially multi colored roses

16 - artificially multi colored roses

17 - artificially multi colored roses

18 - artificially multi colored roses

Well, what do you think? Weren’t these worth taking pictures of? I just love watching these bright colors over and over again. Hope you’ve enjoyed it too! My next blog will be about a cute little card I’ve made, which I’ve sent to a precious little person… ♥♥♥

Thanks for visiting my website and please leave a comment below if you liked this blog and the artificially multi colored roses.


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