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Thank you, Any Art Netty

Any Art Netty, thanks for the shout-out

Any Art NettyA couple of days ago I received a message from Netty, asking my permission to use one of my blank color charts in a video. She said she would credit me and share a link to my website in return.

It is so nice to see that there are genuinely nice people out there, that appreciate my work and politely ask permission to use it! So of course I gave permission. I was actually delighted that she wanted to use my chart!

Netty’s video

Today she’s sent me the link to her video, in which she used my chart. It’s a nice review of the Caran d’Ache Luminance colored pencils. I’m in the lucky position to have those myself, and the Luminance are…

…well, why not check out Netty’s video, to see what she has to say about it?

A thank you

To give Netty a bit of recognition in return, as a way of thank you for her shout-out, I’ll give her a shout-out in return, by means of this blog post. You can find her on several places on the internet, so I’ll give the links to her social media below.

Please do go and check her out, and remember to like and subscribe wherever you can. She can use some extra followers!

Any Art Netty online

Drop me line

Would you too want a shout-out for your artistic work on my website? Do you want me to introduce your YouTube channel or website, FB page, whatever to my audience? I’m not making any promises here, but you can always send me a message.

As long as you keep in mind that I live by the ‘give a little, take a little‘ motto. It has to work both ways!

Well, that was it for this blog. Thanks for visiting!


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