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Denim Saturdays

Extended Denim Saturdays project

Denim Saturdays layoutRemember my blog about the Studio Light Denim Saturdays layout I’ve made? Well yesterday I’ve been playing with paint and ink to make a background for it, so I could keep it in my A4 size ‘Art by Marlene’ Journal (also from Studio Light).

Because I was just playing around for my own fun, I didn’t write down the materials I was using. And I didn’t really keep track of what I was actually doing. So all I can show you are pictures of the end result. No video, no materials list, no detailed description. (Sorry, not sorry hahaha 😛 .)

To see what I’ve done, click on the pictures to see them enlarged.

Enjoy my extended Denim Saturdays layout

Putting elements in placeThe first layer of paint was ready. Here I’ve put all the elements I wanted to use loosely on the paper.  And I took a picture of it, so I would know where I wanted everything.

basic backgroundThis was after playing with several inks and stamps and adding accents with the white Sharpie. And I’ve used some washi tape on the edges.

Shimmering green Gansai Tambi Pearl Colors water color paintIt’s not very easy to see, but I’ve tried to photograph the green shimmery spatters of the Gansai Tambi Pearl Colors water color paint.

close up of stamped inkHere you’re looking at a close up of the background. With blue leaves, red brick walls, some brown characters and the edges of black swirls, plus added white Sharpie.

Previous layout on new backgroundThe previous layout glued to the new made background. I truly love this Denim Saturdays collection by Studio Light!

Cotton flowers

In the upper right corner a few cotton flowers. I remember my uncle once bringing a bag full of cotton flowers home to my grandmother. Think I was twelve years or so, and it was the first time I ever saw cotton plant.

More buttons and more Monstera leavesMore Monstera leaves and buttons. Boy, I can’t help but love them!

Previous layout and the new background match perfectly wellSee how the previous layout and the new background match perfectly well.

Wood, leather, leaves, bricks and denimWood, leather, leaves, bricks and denim… My Sharpie scribbles look a bit like graffiti haha.

Old school denim sneakersOld school denim shoes. I fell in love with these Studio Light paper elements the second I saw them (as you can see in this unboxing video I’ve posted earlier).

Total overview pictureAnd the last picture: the new page in its entirity!

Well, that was it already. Bye for now!

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