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Art journal and coloring book, color while traveling

I’m going on vacation and take along…

The last couple of weeks have flown by. Obviously because of the time consuming nurturing of Scruffy (see my previous blog), but also because our family visit and short vacation in the Netherlands. And in those weeks I didn’t do much in my art journal. It was way too hot for that, in Spain as well as in the Netherlands!

Besides, I did bring all my Art Journal Summer School supplies with me. (If only to prove to myself that you can bring all that stuff along and use it as well while traveling. In the next blog I’ll show what I’ve made during the vacation for AJSS2018.) I also brought a cute small coloring and art journal book by Julia Woning, called Dikke Dames Zomertijd*. While on the road I’ve been coloring in that book with a small selection of Derwent Coloursoft pencils.

Art Journaling with Julia Woning

Because the drawings in this coloring book are also meant to use for your art journal, I’ve picked a page with four different ladies in circles. In the back of my mind I had this idea to use them for a mixed media page in my art journal. And last night I’ve finally managed to work out this idea.

For the coloring of the ladies I’ve purposely used weird colors, although one was inspired by my own new hair color hahaha. During my last visit to the hairdresser’s I’ve given her carte blanche to do something nice with my hair color. Below this blog I will show a picture of my own hair. But now I’ll first show the four ladies of Julia that I’ve colored:

Processed in art journal

For my mixed media project with these four ladies I’ve taken a page from my large journal (A4) by Art by Marlene*. I’ve started with Distress Oxide in several different colors for the background. Then I’ve worked with a variety of stencils, Studio Light stamps, white Sharpie, Stabil All black pencil, Distress Crayon and several colors stamping ink from Versafine Clair. The text came from a Ranger Dylusions booklet.

End result

The end result actually became a nice display of myself 😀

My brain…

I’m a person that thinks a lot of thoughts at the same time. ‘I need to do this’, ‘gotta remember that’, ‘must send so-and-so a message’. ‘Where the heck is my phone?’, ‘Scruffy needs to eat’, ‘Scruffy must go out’, ‘damn, Scruffy has been pooping behind the couch‘. ‘Oh jeez, we need to eat… what shall I make now?’, ‘must do some administrative work’, ‘wanna go upstairs do some crafting if I can’… That’s about what happens all day long. One moment I’m the dog caretaker, the next I’m the housewife, cook, cleaner, gardener, bookkeeper, secretary, wife (in completely random order that is hahaha)…

Exactly for that reason I’ve started a bullet journal last year, but that’s been more or less taken over by my art journal. Another reason to regularly think ‘I want to use my bujo more often’, which hasn’t happened up until now. In short, the text on this art journal page, ‘my brain has too many tabs open’, was made for me! 

Finally this

I promised to show a picture of my own hair… What color do you think it is? Rainbow, blue purple, red orange blonde or green?

Hahaha… click on this link and you’ll see it!

Tell me in the comments below what you think of the four ladies, the art journal page and/or my hair color! See you in the next blog 😉

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